Governor for dedicated efforts to improve cotton produce

Governor for dedicated efforts to improve cotton produce

LAHORE, Feb 03 (APP): Governor Punjab Muhammad Balighur Rehman has said that dedicated efforts were needed to improve cotton production through better quality seeds.

Talking to a delegation from the modern technology seeds industry led by Dr. Khalid Hameed Taraki at the Governor’s House here on Friday, he said cotton and related products are a source of foreign exchange for the country.

Governor Punjab urged the public, private sectors and universities must expedite research on seeds and agriculture.

He said better quality seeds were also vital to increase the produce of other agricultural commodities in the country.

He directed that a committee of experts from the private sector, government sector and universities should be formed to finalize the recommendations for this within a month. Governor Punjab said that we have to play a role together in strengthening and stabilizing the country’s economy. He further said that there is a need to create awareness among the farmers along with the use of agricultural fertilizers to protect the cotton crop and other agricultural produce from pests.

The delegation thanked the Governor of Punjab for convening a meeting regarding the problems of cotton crop and especially for improving the quality of seeds.

The delegation said the Governor Punjab earlier also conveyed the request to abolish the 17 percent sales tax on seeds to the Prime Minister and they are grateful to the Governor of Punjab for playing a positive role in this regard.