Federal Ombudsman Regional office ensures justice for government employees

Federal Ombudsman Regional office ensures justice for government employees
ABBOTTABAD, Sep 15 (APP):The Federal Ombudsman Regional Office Abbottabad Friday resolved the pension issues of federal government employees of Pak Army and (National Engineering Services Pakistan ) NESPAK who were facing administrative issues.
Regional Head of the Federal Ombudsman Abdul Ghafoor Beg Abbottabad, played a vital role in ensuring compensation for retired army personnel.
According to the details Sohail Khan, a retired army employee, had lodged a complaint against the Military Pension Controller Lahore, citing delay in receiving his pension since September 2022.
Taking immediate action, a notice was issued to the Military Pension Controller Lahore, compelling the prompt release of Sohail Khan’s pension. Subsequently, an amount of 329,470/- rupees was disbursed in favor of Sohail Khan, bringing relief to the retired army officer.
Expressing his gratitude, Sohail Khan commended the Federal Ombudsman’s institution for its unwavering commitment to ensuring justice for ordinary citizens, an appreciation rarely witnessed.
In another case through the intervention and decisions of Federal Ombudsman Ijaz Ahmed Qureshi, he facilitated the timely payment of salaries for employees of NESPAK. Faraz Mustafa, filed a complaint regarding unwarranted delays and suspensions in their salary payments by the department.
Immediate action was taken by serving a notice to NESPAK, ensuring the immediate disbursement of salaries. Subsequently, NESPAK promptly released the due salaries to the complainants.
In a gesture of appreciation, the affected employee expressed gratitude towards the Federal Ombudsman’s office and, in particular, Abdul Ghafoor Beg for their tireless efforts in securing timely payments for government employees.
Regional Head Abdul Ghafoor Beg emphasized that the Federal Ombudsman’s office, led by Federal Ombudsman Ijaz Ahmed Qureshi, is diligently executing directives aimed at delivering swift and impartial justice to the public, with zero tolerance for any shortcomings.
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