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Drive to destroy animal offal under way

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SARGODHA, Jun 18 (APP):The cleanliness drive launched by the Metropolitan Corporation Sargodha was in full swing to ensure the best cleanliness arrangements for Eid-ul-Azha.
On the direction of Deputy Commissioner Sargodha and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Metropolitan Corporation Tariq Proya,the cleanliness drive was started under the leadership and supervision of Superintendents concerns .
Assistant Commissioner Sargodha Sara Afzal Tarar,with Municipal staff and officials conducted a thorough inspection of the ongoing cleanliness drive during the second day Eid-ul-Azha. On the occasion, the Assistant Commissioner (AC) said that the cleanliness campaign for Eid-ul-Azha has been started and will continue till all the remains of sacrificial animals were properly disposed of.
All its staff members were here on duty during Eid days,canceled holidays of the entire sanitation and other staff  to ensure the timely disposal of animal waste and maintain city cleanliness during the festival,he added.
The standard cleanliness activities will focus on prompt collection, storage, transportation and disposal of animal waste during all three days of the festival, the official said.
He added that that 75 collection points were set up in the city.He urged the people to cooperate with the sanitary workers and dump entrails of the sacrificial animals and offal at specific collection points from where, these could be removed properly.
The official said that the Complaint Center of Metropolitan Corporation will  remain open on all  days of Eid and the people of urban areas can call the helpline and also visit the main office or sub offices at Union Council level to register their complaints which will be redressed immediately.
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