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CTP hold anti-smog walk to create awareness

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RAWALPINDI, Nov 26 (APP):In a proactive move to combat the looming threat of smog, the City Traffic Police (CTP) in Rawalpindi organized an anti-smog walk to raise awareness among the public.
The initiative was led by Chief Traffic Officer (CTO) Taimoor Khan including people from various walks of life, traffic police officers, and representatives of civil society.
Speaking on the occasion, the CTO stressed the urgency of educating the public about the detrimental effects of smog on human health.
He highlighted the need for immediate measures to mitigate its impact and issued instructions to all traffic circle officers to intensify action against vehicles emitting pollutants that contribute to smog.
Taimoor Khan in his address said that transporters must ensure the timely maintenance of their vehicles, emphasizing the importance of clean air for public health.
He warned that vehicles not meeting emission standards would face consequences, and urged the transport community to play their part in preventing diseases associated with smog.
Expressing gratitude, the CTO thanked members of the civil society who actively participated in the walk, recognizing the collaborative effort needed to address the smog issue.
He further directed the education wing to continue playing a positive role in raising awareness among transporters and the general public about the hazards of smog.
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