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Consumer court Haripur decided 891 cases during year 2023

HARIPUR, Feb 28 (APP):The Consumer Court Haripur has been instrumental in delivering prompt and cost-effective justice to the public, with 891 cases decided during the year 2023.
According to the report issued by the Registrar of Consumer Court in Haripur, since the inception of the District Consumer/Commercial Disputes Court on October 12, 2015, up to February 15, 2024, a total of 3451 complaints were lodged, out of which 3274 cases were decided, while Rs. 15,46,000 rupees fines were imposed as penalties for various offenses.
In 2023, the court received 867 applications, whereas continuing into January 2024, the court addressed 236 unresolved complaints carried over from previous years along with 59 new complaints that month. In January 2024 alone, resolutions were provided for 79 cases.
Largely, complaints received by the Consumer Court pertained to grievances against the Peshawar Electricity Supply Company (PESCO) and issues of public interest.
The Registrar of the Consumer Court stressed that the main purpose of setting up the district Consumer/Commercial Disputes Court was to guarantee quick and affordable justice for consumers.
He said individuals seeking redress for breaches of consumer rights should approach the court, where focused efforts are made to deliver swift and fair justice.

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