CM’s visit to Holy Family Hospital unveils patients’ complaints

CM's visit to Holy Family Hospital unveils patients' complaints
LAHORE, Aug 22 (APP):Punjab Caretaker Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi visited the Holy Family Hospital Rawalpindi, uncovering concerning inadequacies in medical facilities and distressing patient conditions.
Patients and their attendants voiced a multitude of complaints during the visit, said a handout issued here on Tuesday.
The CM issued a stern warning to Medical Superintendent and the vice chancellor of Rawalpindi Medical University, laying down a 7-day deadline for significant improvements.
The hospital was marked by subpar sanitation arrangements, and patients complained about undergoing tests and acquiring medications from external sources. Additionally, grievances emerged regarding monetary demands from hospital guards for various services. Disturbingly, specific wards exhibited unsanitary conditions, including broken beds and bloodstains on bed linens.
Patients also lamented treatment delays, prolonged reception queues, and the unavailability of ventilators. The visit revealed certain wards experiencing overcrowding and dire conditions due to insufficient resources.
Expressing his deep concern over the dilapidated conditions, the CM ordered measures to enhance facilities on an urgent basis. He checked the treatment facilities and inquired about the well-being of patients and the facilities provided to them. He inspected emergency, children and dengue wards and the medical unit, listened to the patient’s problems and issued directions to resolve them. He emphasised enhancing efficiency within available resources to provide relief to patients. Quality treatment was a public right, he said and vowed to revisit the hospital while stressing the need for improvements.
A significant development emerged as several guards, accused of extorting money from patients and their attendants, were apprehended by the police. Prompt action was taken based on complaints lodged during the chief minister’s visit, resulting in immediate arrests and legal proceedings against the guards.
Caretaker ministers Dr Nasir Jamal, Amir Mir, Vice Chancellor Rawalpindi Medical University Prof. Dr. Muhammad Umar and Medical Superintendent Dr Ijaz Butt were also present.
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