CM urges NGOs to work in healthcare as needs of city grow at fast pace

CM urges NGOs to work in healthcare as needs of city grow at fast pace
KARACHI, Dec 17 (APP):The Caretaker Sindh Chief Minister Justice (Retd), Maqbool Baqar, has said that the healthcare needs of Karachi are growing at a very fast pace, and the addition of hospitals by non-government organizations will help ease the burden of patients in government hospitals.
This he said while speaking at a gathering organized to raise funds for the University Medical Complex being established in Karachi. Those who spoke on the occasion include Sohail Mahdi, Dr Dilbar A. Saeed, and others.
Baqar said that the establishment of a university medical complex marked a significant milestone in our commitment to advancing healthcare and ensuring the well-being of the people of this city. “The healthcare needs of our metropolis are growing at a very fast pace, and the addition of this hospital will help to ease the burden of patients on the existing hospitals,” he said.
He expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the visionary healthcare leaders, dedicated professionals, and all those who were tirelessly working to turn the dream into a reality. “The establishment of this hospital would reflect a collective dedication to the health and prosperity of the people of Karachi,” he said, adding that the establishment of the University Medical Complex would be a noble project for the people of the city in particular and the people of the whole province of Sindh and Balochistan in general.
The CM said that in a world that constantly presented us with new challenges, a hospital was not merely a structure of bricks and mortar but a symbol of hope, compassion, and healing. He added that the UMC hospital would stand tall as a testament to our unwavering commitment to providing world-class healthcare services to our people, embracing the latest advancements in medical science and technology.
“This hospital will be established with the technical and financial collaboration of medical and healthcare professionals, along with the support of the philanthropic community,” he said.
The health care professionals play a pivotal role in the well-being of any society, the CM said, adding that it is not just about treating illnesses but about fostering a culture of prevention, education, and wellness.
Medics International, with a history of serving the people over the last 30 years beyond caste, creed, or religion, has played a pivotal role in delivering especially to the underprivileged members of our society, the CM said, adding that they managed and run more than two dozen clinics and healthcare setups across Pakistan in different cities.
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