Chairman Ruet-e-Hilal Committee visits Dar-ul-Quran Panjpeer

Moulana Abdul Khabeer Azad
SWABI, Sep 19 (APP)::Chairman Ruet-e-Hilal Committee, Moulana Abdul Khabeer Azad here Tuesday visited Dar-ul-Quran Panjpeer and met with President Wadat-ul-Madaris Al Islamia Pakistan, Sheikh ul Hadees, Moulana Muhammad Tayyab Tahiri.
Addressing the students, he highlighted the significance and role played by Moulana Tahiri to promote peace during his visit to Gilgit-Baltistan.
He also lauded the role played by Panjpir seminary in educating students and said that students  had completed education from here were serving all over the country.
He said that advisor for religious affairs Gilgilt-Baltistan, Mufti Sarwar was also a student of Sheikh-ul-Quran.
He said that these seminaries were bastion of Islam and their role to promote peace and mutual coexistence could not be undermined.
He said this seminary was propagating voice for peace, unity and strengthening of Muslim ummah and added that we had to collectively work promotion of peace and unity in the country.
He also appreciated efforts and contributions of Moulana Tahiri and the performance of Dar-ul-Quran Panjpir.
Later, Moulana Abdul Khabeer visited central office of Wahadat-ul-Madaris Islamia and congratulated Moualana Tahiri on establishment of wahdat madaris board.
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