Black day observed to mark protest against unlawful Indian occupation in Kashmir

black day
MIRPUR  ( AJK): Oct.  28 (APP)::Kashmiris observed Black Day on Friday to mark strong protest and indignation against the continual forced and unlawful occupation of Jammu Kashmir state by India for the last 76 years since the black day of October 27, 1947.
“On the occasion of Black Day, Kashmiri diaspora community organised massive protest demonstrations all across the world including New York, London, Brussels, Geneva, Paris and other influential world capitals to seek world attention towards the early and amicable settlement of the long-running dispute, according to messages released to the media here on Saturday.
Addressing the protesters, the speakers, while stressing the need for early resolution of the lingering dispute said that India’s prolonged military occupation poses a serious existential threat to the people of Kashmir. Calling India a terrorist state, the speakers said that India under Modi’s authoritarian rule was fast emerging as a terrorist state extremist.
Referring to the killing of a Sikh leader by Indian agents in Canada and the involvement of its navy officials spying for Israel in Qatar, they said these incidents amply demonstrate India’s dodgy and destructive role in world affairs.
Highlighting the RSS-influenced regime’s anti-Kashmir agenda and its hostile policies towards minorities, they said that on the one hand, India was killing innocent Kashmiris in the IoK, while on the other it had ruthlessly persecuted religious minorities including Muslims, Sikhs and Dalits in India.
Lauding the Kashmiris’ undying spirit and their passion for freedom, they said that now India should realize the fact that it cannot destroy the freedom spirit of the Kashmiri people with its military might.
Terming Kashmir as the oldest unresolved dispute pending on the UN agenda , the speakers said that it was high time that the world community should play its due role to help resolve the long-drawn conflict peacefully in line with the wishes and aspirations of the Kashmiri people.
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