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Authorities directed to complete Rwp Safe City Project by January 30

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RAWALPINDI, Jan 07 (APP):Commissioner Rawalpindi Division, Liaquat Ali Chatta, has directed the authorities concerned to utilize all resources to complete the Rawalpindi Safe City project by January 30.
The commissioner was informed that the project would be completed in two phases and that all-out efforts were being made for the immediate activation of the Safe City system.
The deadline of January 30 had been set by the Punjab government to make the Rwp Safe City Project functional, he informed.
The administration had given permission to FWO to cut the road, he said, adding that 92 sites were identified in phase one and civil teams were engaged in the excavation. The work was in progress at 61 sites, he informed.
All the departments should fully cooperate with FWO to make the project functional until the deadline, the commissioner instructed.
In the new system of Safe City Authority, the software would be developed in a machine learning model, he informed.
The cameras would be capable of instantly alerting the system by identifying the faces of the suspects.
In the first phase of the project, the cameras would be installed at 370 different sites and points, including major intersections, major mosques, churches,
commercial points, Muharram procession routes, and petrol pumps.
The Safe City project would be very beneficial for the citizens of Rawalpindi, the commissioner added.
Rawalpindi Safe City would help improve the sense of security among the citizens, Liaquat Ali Chatta said.
The Safe City Project would help in digital intelligence-based crime control and maintaining law and order in Rawalpindi city.
The project would also help in regulating traffic on city roads, he added.
There is no room for further delay in the project to provide a peaceful and safe environment to the citizens, the commissioner added.395
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