AJK President urges global action against human rights abuses in IIOJK

President Barrister Sultan Mahmood Chaudhry

MIRPUR (AJK), Aug 19 (APP): Azad Jammu and Kashmir President Barrister Sultan Mahmood Chaudhry has called upon the international community to intensify efforts to halt state terrorism and human rights violations in the Indian Illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK) State.

Speaking during a meeting with prominent thinker and writer Nida Jamal at the Jammu Kashmir House in the federal metropolis, President AJK stressed the urgency for international human rights organizations to take effective notice of the worsening political and human rights situation in the Indian-held territory, coinciding with World Humanitarian Day on August 19.

Expressing deep concern over the global community’s lack of action in addressing the suffering of the Kashmiri people, President criticized the world’s failure to curb bloodshed and violence in the occupied region.

He lamented the discrepancy between the efforts invested in resolving other global disputes and the insufficient attention given to the Kashmir issue.

President urged entities such as the United Nations Human Rights Commission and Amnesty International to play a more active role in ending the ongoing human rights abuses in Indian-Occupied Kashmir.

He emphasized the importance of resolving the longstanding dispute peacefully, in accordance with UN Security Council resolutions.

Highlighting the need for stronger measures, President AKJ called for economic sanctions against India as a means to pressure the nation into ending human rights violations in the region.

He also pointed out the Modi government’s record of rights violations against minorities both in Occupied Kashmir and India, which he believed had exposed the regime’s oppressive nature on the international stage

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