Afghan authorities close Torkham Border for crossing

Afghan authorities close Torkham Border for crossing

PESHAWAR, Dec 06 (APP): The Afghan authorities on Wednesday closed the Torkham Border crossing on their side after raising an objection over installation of a “Welcome to Pakistan” signboard by the Pakistani authorities on its side.

The border officials said the Afghan authorities have closed the border crossing for every kind of movement on their side as a protest. The Pakistani authorities were installing a signboard inscribed with “Welcome to Pakistan” at Torkham zero point upon which the Afghan authorities raised an objection and in protest closed the border.

The border authorities said the situation has led to closure of all kinds of trading and transit traffic and pedestrian crossing at the border. The officials further said that the Afghan move may adversely affect the regional trader and cause commercial and financial losses to the traders on both sides.

This move not only harms bilateral trade but also widens the gap between brotherly people and countries besides, creating obstacles and delays in regional trade and transport movement.

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