73 smugglers held during September

73 smugglers held during September
DG KHAN, Sep 23 (APP):In a resounding display of law enforcement prowess, authorities claimed to have apprehended 73 smugglers and confiscation a staggering 97,610 liters of illicit oil during a relentless and uncompromising anti-smuggling operation conducted throughout the ongoing month of September.
Official sources confirmed that the operation, led by the vigilant Border Military Police (BMP) under the astute supervision of Political Assistant Mushtaq Ahmed Tawana, also resulted in the impoundment of 73 vehicles, effectively dismantling the logistical apparatus of the smuggling network.
Furthermore, the relevant authorities unveiled a significant breakthrough as they seized a remarkable cache of 575 bags of sugar, clandestinely concealed within two trucks.
This seizure not only bolsters the crackdown on smuggling but also underscores the interconnected and diversified nature of criminal enterprises.
The swift and calculated actions of the law enforcers also led to the confiscation of the two trucks, eliminating yet another facet of the illicit trade.
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