70% citizens lack access to safe drinking water in country: Chaudhary Sarwar

70% citizens lack access to safe drinking water in country: Chaudhary Sarwar
70% citizens lack access to safe drinking water in country: Chaudhary Sarwar

MULTAN, Jan 26 (APP): Punjab Governor Chaudhary Sarwar said on Wednesday that 70 population in the country lacked access to safe drinking water.

In a press conference here, the Punjab governor stated that he was working for establishment of filtration plants in the country since 2013. The persons lacking access to safe drinking water were facing water born diseases.

Sarwar stated that an Aab-e-Pak Authority was introdced to ensure provision of clean water in neglected areas of Punjab.
He informed that Aab-e-Pak Authority would complete establishment of 131 water filtration plants in Multan division by March-2022.

He hinted that he had performed ground breaking of 20 filtration plants during his ongoing tour to south Punjab.
“We are also installing solar power hand-pumps in the region. Fatima Fertilizer group also promised installation of 1000 solar power hand-pumps. Similarly, industrialist Jalaluddin Roomi also committed to install 100 solar plants”, informed Chaudhary Sarwar.

He also added that he had committments of another 10,000 solar power filtration plants from different philanthropists. Governor also hinted that clean drinking facility was also being provided in schools, colleges and universities.

About Opposition long march, Chaudhary Sarwar stated that Opposition was not on same page but was divided itself. The division could also be seen within parties. Responding to question about inflation, he stated that inflation was a global phenomenon. However, the government was striving hard to reduce its impact. Sarwar maintained that 30% discount was being given on different commodities to facilitate the low-income people.

Inflation and good governance are the real challenges for the incumbent government, he hinted and stated that the government was trying its best to improve situation.

About PM’s statement, Governor Punjab elaborated that PM Imran Khan was most popular leader in the country.When he is in power, it is very difficult to move among masses due to security issues. However, when a person is in Opposition, he could visit masses easily. PM Imran Khan made the statement in this context, said Chaudhary Sarwar.

Punjab government Chaudhary Sarwar also observed that local goverment elections would be held in four divisions including Multan, DG Khan, Bahawalpur and Gujranwala on May 15. Makhdoom Shah Mahmood Qureshi, after consultation with PM Imran Khan and Party would announce the candidates, said Sarwar.

To a query about lack of coordination between Government and Opposition to settle country’s issues amicably,
Sarwar maintained that the government had invited Opposition on various occasion but it was not interested to sit with government.

About rumour of Presidential form of government, the Punjab government stated that the nation was already in polarization. There was already immense divide in political parties and religious parties. The intolerance and extremism is also on rise. So, such a new issue could create more problems, said Sarwar.

About grouping in PTI ranks and decision of making Usman Buzdar as CM Punjab, Chaudhary Sarwar stated that it was decision of PM Imran Khan.
Punjab governor in response to another question about Governor House Lahore, he stated that doors of Governor House had been opened for masses. During last Ramzan ul Mubarak, over 50,000 people did their breakfast (Iftari) in Governor House.

To a question about Jehangir Tareen whether he is part of PTI or not, Chaudhary Sarwar remarked that Jehangir Khan Tareen was part of Pakistan Tehreek Insaf. He had not done any damage to the party.
To another query about expected resignations from PTI, the Punjab Governor stated that he did not know about any other resignation in PTI.

The Punjab Governor, who is also Chancellor of Universities in the province, stated that he evolved a mechanism for appointment of Vice Chancellor on pure merit basis. All the VCs have been appointed after recommendation of Selection Board.

Chaudhary Sarwar also observed that he was in strong favour of establishment of south Punjab for last 30 years.
On this occasion, Provincial Minister for Energy Dr Akhtar Malik, MPA Javed Akhtar Ansari and Chairman Aab-e-Pak Authority were also present.