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47 marriage halls sealed for violations in Punjab

LAHORE, Nov 18 (APP):In response to directives from caretaker Chief Minister Punjab Mohsin Naqvi, a province-wide crackdown on marriage halls violating regulations regarding one-dish policies and operating late hours is currently in progress.
During the last 24 hours, around 47 marriage halls across different districts were sealed and fined Rs 3.7 million for non-compliance. Additionally, 12 cases were filed against the hall management, leading to the arrest of three individuals.
Specifically in Lahore division, 22 wedding halls faced closure for violating the regulations. FIRs were lodged against the management of 10 halls, resulting in the apprehension of three individuals. A collective fine of Rs 260,000 was imposed on four halls.
Rawalpindi division witnessed inspections at 95 marriage halls, with fines amounting to Rs 150,000 imposed on five establishments for breaching the Marriage Functions Act.
In Multan division, scrutiny of 98 marriage halls led to fines of Rs 400,000 in four instances of regulation violation. Within Faisalabad division, the management of six marriage halls faced fines totaling Rs 675,000 for flouting the one-dish rule. Bahawalpur division saw the closure of 21 wedding halls, accompanied by fines amounting to Rs 170,5000. In Gujranwala division, two marriage halls were sealed, and another was fined Rs 50,000. DG Khan division witnessed inspections at 1,358 wedding halls, resulting in fines of Rs 315,000 in 13 cases of regulation violation. Two halls were sealed, and cases were registered against two others for violating the one-dish rule.
Additionally, the management of two marriage halls in Sargodha division was fined Rs 100,000 for non-compliance with the one-dish rule.

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