37.564mn saplings to be planted during monsoon in KP

37.564mn saplings to be planted during monsoon in KP

PESHAWAR, Jul 12 (APP):A monsoon tree planting campaign was being launched by the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Forest, Environment and Wildlife Department under which 37.564 million saplings would be planted.

Under the 10 Billion Tree Tsunami Project Monsoon Tree Planting Campaign, 37.564 million saplings will be planted across the province for which all arrangements have been completed.

According to Forest Department spokesman, 113.946 million plants raised in different nurseries out of which 37.564 are fit for plantation. During monsoon plantings campaign, 116 different types of species have been selected and will be planted according to the geography, climate and soil conditions of the province.

KP Forest Department currently has more than 113.9 million plants in public and private nurseries. The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Forest formation is divided into three major circles.

As many as 19.6 million saplings will be planted in Central South Region which includes newly merged tribal districts including Southern districts, while in Northern Forest Region 2 Abbottabad which includes districts of Hazara Division, 8.927 million saplings will be planted.

Similarly, In Malakand Forest Region 3 Swat, which includes all the districts of Malakand Division, has a program of planting more than 9 million saplings under the monsoon planting campaign.

The Forest Department has arranged monsoon planting campaign to be implemented through six major editorial groups i.e, Departmental Plantation, Mass Plantation/ Urban and Peri-Urban Plantation, Farm Forestry, Village level Development Committees Plantation, Defense Forces plantation and Educational Institutions.

Under Departmental Plantation, a total of 20.686 million saplings will be planted under various government agencies, including 13.104 million saplings in Region One, 4.143 million saplings in Region 2 and more than 3.439 million saplings in Region 3.

As many as 0.895 million saplings will be planted in urban and non-urban areas across the province, while 8.946 million saplings will be planted across the province under the Farm Forestry Program.

Similarly, more than 2.210 million saplings will be planted in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa under Village level Development Organizations. Similarly, a tree planting campaign program has also been designed under the Defense Forces and 3.879 million saplings will be planted across the province through forces.

In addition, Educational Institutions in the province have been given the opportunity to participate in monsoon plantings campaign and a target of planting 0.948 million saplings has been set across the province.