267 power pilferers booked, 29 held in HESCO region: Spokesman

HYDERABAD, Sep 13 (APP):At least 267 persons were booked while 29 were arrested in an ongoing crackdown against power pilferers in the HESCO region, its spokesman Sadiq Kunbar said on Wednesday.
Hyderabad Electric Supply Company (HESCO) has so far written letters to the police department for registering FIRs against 443 power thieves out of which 267 were registered, Kunbar added.
Divulging details about different Circles of the HESCO region, he said in Hyderabad 175 letters, 123 in the Larr, followed by 90 in Mirpur Khas, and 55 letters were submitted from Nawab Shah circle against the power thieves.
He further said that over Rs 42,818,000 fine was imposed against the culprits including 23,500,000 in Hyderabad Circle, 3,000,000 in Larr Circle, 6,700,000 in Nawabshah Circle, and Rs 9,400,000 fine was collected from power thieves in Mirpurkhas Circle.
Meanwhile, SDO operation Sub division Sakrand Ghyasuddin  had been suspended over negligence in duty
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