Tourism industry requires proper marketing to promote tourism: British Backpacker

ISLAMABAD, May 7 (APP):The British Backpacker Society on Tuesday said that to fully unlock Pakistan’s tourism potential, further work is needed for marketing at international level.

British Backpacker Society (BBS) on Tuesday said Pakistan tourism sector was required proper marketing and promotion to attract tourists from across the globe.

The British Backpacker Society aims to promote and enable adventure travel in emerging tourism destinations and in light of these goals, the 7-member British Backpacker Society team in Pakistan swapped their backpacks for suits and delivered a lecture on “Realising Pakistan’s International Tourism Potential” in central Islamabad, said a statement.

With attendees ranging from government policymakers to businessmen to foreign ambassadors, the team hopes that the tourism strategy recommendations contained in the lecture will assist with the continued development of international tourism in Pakistan.

The British Backpacker Society team praising the continued liberalization of Pakistan’s tourism sector particularly in respect of the recent introduction of an E-Visa for 175 plus countries, the team argued that Pakistan’s untapped international tourism potential presented a historic opportunity for the country and contended that every stakeholder in Pakistan’s tourism industry, from policymakers to businessmen to casual travelers, had a role to play in seizing this chance.

Furthermore, the team emphasized the diversity of travel experiences in Pakistan for travelers (from “Karachi to Karimabad”) and encouraged international travelers to consider visiting this emerging travel destination.