ISLAMABAD, Dec 14 (APP): The ongoing exhibition of exquisite paintings exploring traditional and contemporary art forms by Heraa Khan will conclude here on December 15.

Heraa Khan is a contemporary visual artist from Lahore and has specialized in the traditional techniques of Mughal and Persian Miniature painting.

She records and captures fragments and impression from the elitist segment of the society around her and reinterprets them into her work. Her work is not only relevant to a particular segment of the Pakistani society but it strives to go beyond the borders as well.

The show entitled “Glazed” is about transforming the traditional, technique-driven art form into a personal, contemporary form of art at My Art World.

Growing up in Pakistan, in the rapidly modernizing city of Lahore, she was greatly influenced by elite culture of the society that enjoys a luxurious lifestyle which is distant from reality.

The show presents an overview of a segment of the society that overshadows the masses as per the social hierarchy. All prerequisites need to be fulfilled in order to be an active member of this social niche. Heraa Khan’s portrayal of this concept adds humour, sarcasm and irony to the series of intricately and immaculately rendered contemporary miniature paintings.

“My work is not only relevant to segment of the Pakistani society but it strives to go beyond that, as well. It is a tale of absurd indulgences as well as loneliness. Along with that, my work is an attempt to experiment and blur the boundaries of miniature and its centuries old technique,” she said about the work.

“In my work I portray a humorous yet empathetic way of expression.  I portray women who indulge in lavish accessories and social gatherings to fill up their lives, seeing and doing little beyond it,” she said.

The paintings presented in the show are entitled as ‘Happy Birthday’, ‘Boudoir’, ‘Summer Breeze’, ‘Rose Garden’, ‘Bridge’, ‘Three of a kind’, ‘Poise’, Social Standing, ‘Steeped’, ‘Tawdry’, ‘Enclosed’ and ‘Repose’ with the medium of gold leaf, gouache and print on Wasli paper.