Sindhi Sofi singer ‘Allan Faqeer’ remembered

ISLAMABAD, Jul 4 (APP): The 21st death anniversary of Sindhi Sofi singer and recipient of President’s Pride of Performance, Allan Faqeer was observed on July 4 (Sunday), where folk music fans have paid glowing tributes for his services and shares posts on social media sites.

Allan Fakir was born in 1932 in the ancient village of Aamari in Jamshoro District, Sindh.
He spent his childhood in Manjhand, a town between Sehwan and Hyderabad, Sindh. Fakir is an Arabic word, and implies a Sufi or a mystic.

When he was only a teenager, Allan developed a habit of singing melancholy songs, which were not liked by his father. Deprived of a motherly love, he went off in search of someone who could replace that love, PTV reported.

He arrived at the tomb of Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai at Bhit Shah, where he then started living. He was initially trained in singing by his father.

Wearing a crown-like turban on his head whenever Allan appeared on the stage he enthralled the audience with his soul-stirring voice and marvelous dancing skills.

Further, the singer of ‘Humma Humma (Allah Allah kar bhyyia) a fusion of pop and folk singing, Allan Faqeer was bestowed with the Presidential honour of ‘Pride of Performance’ in 1980. The Sufi singer also received Shah Latif Award, Shahbaz Award, and Kandh Kot Award.

Allan’s memory was quite sharp, even though, he could not read and write. He was very touched hearing the traditional ‘Latifi Raag’ every night. Encouraged by Faqir Zawar Qurban Ali Lanjwani and Moolchand Maharaj, Allan Fakir began singing Bhitai’s poetry at the shrine and ultimately spent next twenty years there, until meeting with Mumtaz Mirza who introduced him to Radio Pakistan and Pakistan Television Corporation in Hyderabad, Sindh and helped him to learn the correct pronunciation of Bhitai’s poetry.

The famous folk singer died this day way back in 2000. His death was mourned by many who expressed severe grief over the death of their beloved one.