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ISLAMABAD, Jan 21 (APP):Pakistan National Council of the Arts (PNCA), the Embassy of the Republic of Uzbekistan and Office of the Mayor of Islamabad screened Historical Movie “Islam Khuja” here late Monday at PNCA Auditorium.
The film highlights the events from the Khorezm Kingdom, at the end of 19th and the beginning of 20th Century. The story of the film revolves around the investigation of a young researcher on the mysterious death of the Great Prime Minister Islam Khuja, who served as the last Khiva Khan (King).

For many centuries in Khorezm, there were too many Prime Ministers and many of them were not even known but because of the good work of Islam Khuja, he still lives in the hearts of people. He was the great reformator of his time.
Islam Khuja being the governor of Hazrasp, attracted Khan’s attention with merits as maintaining the stability, development, craftsmanship, agriculture and installations.
Islam Khuja enjoyed greater respect and political weight than the actual king. He conducted educational, economic and cultural reforms that threatened the ruling elite.
Islam Khuja was a close relative of Khan. In 1898, Feroz Khan appointed Islam Khuja as the Prime Minister. At that time he was only 26 years old so it was something extra ordinary to be the Prime Minister of such an important land at such young age.
In Khiva, on outside of Polvonpir Mausoleum, Islam Khuja built Madrasah and amazing minaret. Had he ever known that after years, this minaret would become the visiting card of Khiva. This place is now known as Islam Khuja complex, in the memory of the great Prime Minister Islam Khuja.
The film screening is part of regular activities of PNCA as every month such film screenings were held at PNCA featuring culture and traditions of different countries to involve the audience of twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad in healthy activities as well as understand the cultural values of other communities, said the organizers.