Opera Star Saira Peter to join Ritzy Charity Gala

ISLAMABAD, May 22 (APP): Pakistan’s First Opera Singer Saira Peter will join world-renowned opera star Joseph Calleja and world celebrities at a Ritzy Charity Gala being held at London, Victoria and Albert Museum in the month of June.
It will be yet another opportunity for Saira to make ‘Sufi Opera’ known to music industry giants and movers and shakers, Saira Peter Manager Tahir told APP.
Over the last few years, Pakistan’s first and only Operatic singer Saira Peter has taken her unique ‘Sufi Opera’ music, introducing the teaching of Pakistan’s Sufi saints, around the world and especially to the West.
She began with the kalam (poetry) of Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai. Saira’s ongoing vision has been to share a sufi peace message globally.
As Saira continues to introduce her homeland’s Sufi values to the West, her vision has taken another giant step forward, as she has been offered to join the UK’s world renowned classical singing group, ‘All Souls Choir’. Through this she will be able to fully avail her skill and energy in introducing the kalam of Latif and other great Sufi poets in English for the first time.
In order to fully involve herself in this noble quest, Saira became a Board Director of Shah Latif Foundation, from where she launched her message.
Through determination and non-stop work she polished her opera music and adopted lyrics from Shah Latif’s poetry in order to present it at the highest standard of excellence of western classical music. Saira never takes shortcuts in any endeavour of life.
Saira Peter has now fully established her identity, particularly in the West, as a Sufi Opera singer.
This has drawn attention from all sides, as the Western world was already familiar with Opera which delves into the search for eternal truth and relationship with the Creator.
Her introduction of spiritual Pakistani music makes her nation stand out at a time and moment when there are many misgivings about Pakistan’s core values.
In all of her events throughout England, Europe and the West, Saira introduces the poetry of saints such as Shah Latif, Bullah Shah etc.
Her audiences typically remark that they never realized that Pakistan’s people were so peace-loving. Furthermore, she engages with other artists, introducing and involving recognized Western classical artists in her Sufi Opera music, eg performing a duet of Shah Latif’s kalam in English with West End star Michael Rouse at London’s City Hall.
Her coach, British composer Paul Knight, himself a disciple of UK’s most iconic composer Sir Benjamin Britten and a coach to numerous celebrity artists, produced Saira’s debut ‘Sufi Opera’ album “Resplendent”. Maltese portrait artist Filippa personally sought Saira out after being so inspired by Saira’s Sufi Opera work.
Saira’s skill is not new to ‘All Souls’, she already performed under the directorship of their founder Dr Neil Treddnick in Cape Town in 2010.
Saira has also received the blessings and commissioning of Syed Waqar Hussain Shah, custodian of Shah Latif Shrine, for her new endeavours with ‘All Souls’.
It forms part of the fulfillment of his late father (and former Custodian) Syed Nisar Hussain Shah’s life vision of seeing Latif’s words taken around the globe. The ‘All Souls’ group is looking forward to Saira’s performance of Sufi Opera songs at their concerts. Normally, new singers of the group must wait years to even perform a solo, but Saira has already been welcomed to sing Shah Latif’s kalam.
Is it not wonderful that Saira will also have the freedom to present her Sufi songs whilst attired in her national dress, further highlighting Pakistani culture to audiences everywhere?
Pakistani star Saira Peter is always full of dazzling surprises – with many more to come.