ISLAMABAD, Dec 26 (APP):National Institute of Folk and Traditional (Lok Virsa) would organize screening of film Jinnah (1998) to pay tribute to Quaid-i-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah, founder of the Nation here at its media center on December 30.
‘Jinnah’ is a 1998 epic biographical film which follows the life of the Founder of the Nation. It was directed by Jamil Dehlavi and written by Akbar S. Ahmed and Jamil Dehlavi.
Talking to APP, Executive Director Lok Virsa Dr. Fauzia Saeed said the purpose of screening ‘Jinnah’ movie was to educate the younger generation about the struggle of forefathers to acquire a separate homeland.
“It is the only English movie made on the life, vision and contribution of Muhammad Ali Jinnah which we can show to our youth to give them education and a right direction towards their goals.”
The movie ‘Jinnah’ is in fact the story of a true Muslim and the people around him who decided that the Muslims of India need a country of their own.
The man responsible for creating Pakistan, was one man, Muhammad Ali Jinnah: known of course to Pakistanis as the Quaid i Azam, which means “the great leader.”
A brilliant man with great intellect, great determination and an iron will, honest, a man of total integrity and he believed implicitly in what he was doing.
He was determined that it would be for the good of the Muslim population to have their own country.