Kalaam-e-Jigar Murad Abadi" published

ISLAMABAD, Jan 16 (APP): National Book Foundation (NBF) has
published a new Urdu book titled “Kalaam-e-Jigar Murad Abadi”
containing 240 pages with a tag price of Rs.170.
The new book compiled by renowned poet Dr. Badar Munir. The
book is a part of NBF’s “Rang-e- Sukhan Series” and a continuity of
`Smart Books’ with an attractive title.
The members of NBF’s scheme `Readers Club’ may get this book
at 55% discount Rs. 77/- only.
The compiler is the author of many literary books on poetry
and research and presently is an Urdu Professor. While compiling the
poetry of Jigar Murad Abadi, he has left no stone unturned to select
the best portion of Jigar’s poetry.
Besides jigar’s Kalaam, his life history, the most significant
events relating to his life and remarks by renowned literary figures
about jigar have been included in this book which has increased its
worth for students and researchers.
Prof. Dr. Inamul Haq Javeid has mentioned that Jigar Murad
Abadi is one of the original Ghazal Poets and was awarded with the
title”king of Taghazzul” by his lovers.
This book, “Kalaam-e-Jigar Murad Abadi” is an asset for all
and sundry alike due to its rich content, layout and design. This
current publication of NBF is a useful, valuable and helpful for
researchers, students of literature and for general book lovers.