ISLAMABAD, Dec 14 (APP): Justice Project Pakistan (JPP) arranged a play ‘Lorilei-A Meditation On Loss’ here at Pakistan National Council of the Arts (PNCA).

A play, telling a true story of Lorilei Guillory who sets out to save the life of Ricky Langley- the mentally ill man who murdered her son. Developing sympathy, pity and understanding for Ricky, she campaigns against his execution.

Written by Tom Wright that tells the story of a Lorilei Guillory whose son was murdered by convicted paedophile Ricky Langley.

The play is based on the actual trial of Ricky Langley in the Deep South in the United States.

This year Lorilei is being performed by Sania Saeed and Nimra Bucha in Islamabad and Karachi.