Int'l Thank You Day observed to pay gratitude to others

ISLAMABAD, Jan 11 (APP): `International Thank You Day’ was
observed on January 11, across the world including Pakistan to show
gratitude to family, friends and co-workers.
Every year people from all over the world celebrate International
Thank You Day that falls on January 11. This day is the ideal
opportunity to show your gratitude to people who make your days
“Thank you” is an abbreviation of ancient words “Save God”.
First documented in the Paris dictionary-Phrase Book dated g. This
date is official, when the word “thank you” appeared in the
A school teacher, Aminah Asad said,”We since the childhood
teach our children to pay gratitude to the people who surround them.
Gratitude fill our lives with positive, and the more we speak,
putting the soul, the happier we become.”
“Celebrate this day by showing your appreciation to people who
make your life better and more beautiful. One single word can make
people who surround you happier, isn’t it great? She added.
An employee of a private firm Shakir Zia said,”Unfortunately
we often forget to show gratitude to others. We think only about
ourselves and don’t notice all the things that relatives and friends
do for us. Be polite, think of others and then simple “thank you”
will make their day better.”
This day is considered as one of the most polite days. But
don’t forget thank all people who deserve it during the rest of the
A student Sana Rauf said, “Every year I celebrate this day by
sharing greetings, cards , messages with my friends and family
specially my parents, today I dedicated a `Thank you’ poem to my
parents, that really pleased them.”