ISLAMABAD, Dec 21 (APP): The National Book Foundation (NBF) has established a ‘Hafiz Corner’ in its unique National Book Museum of the country in which the hand written National Anthem by its writer Hafiz Jalandhri and other memorabilia has been displayed.

Remembering Jalandhri on his 33rd death anniversary here on Monday, Managing Director, NBF, Dr Inam ul Haq Javaid said the writer of Pakistan’s National anthem is the most notable national poet as in 82 years of life, he served the literary world for six decades. He had a command over writing poems and Ghazals.

For recognition of his services, the Hafiz Corner has been setup at the Book Museum in which some items of his use and some of his known poetic collections have been displayed with the objective of introducing the young generation and visitors with the skills and national services of Hafiz Jalandhri, he said while talking to APP.

Jalandhri was born in Jalandhar, Punjab, British India on January 14, 1900. After the independence of Pakistan in 1947, Jalandhri migrated to Lahore. From 1922 to 1929, Jalandhri remained the editor of a few monthly magazines namely, Nonehal, Hazar Dastaan, Teehzeeb-e-Niswan, and Makhzin while his first collection of poems Nagma-e-Zar
was published in 1935. Famous for writing the lyrics for ‘Qaumi Tarana’, the national anthem of Pakistan, which he wrote in 1952, Jalandhri actively participated in Pakistan Movement and used his writings to propagate for the cause of Pakistan.

In early 1948, he joined the forces for the freedom of Kashmir and got wounded. Jalandhri wrote the Kashmiri Anthem, “Watan Hamara Azad Kashmir”. He wrote many patriotic songs during the Indo-Pakistani War of 1965.

His work of poetry, Shahnam-e-Islam, gave him incredible fame which is a record of the glorious history of Islam in verse. He wrote the national anthem of Pakistan composed by Ahmed Ghulamali Chagla also known as Ahmed G Chagla.

He was termed to be unique in Urdu poetry for the enchanting melody of his voice, rhythms of his songs and lyrics.

Most of his poetry deals with romantic, religious, patriotic and natural themes. He selected his themes, melodies and images from the subcontinent while his language is a fine blend of Hindi and Urdu diction that truly reflect the composite culture of South Asia.

For his literary and patriotic services to Pakistan, Jalandhri was awarded the Hilal-e-Imtiaz and Pride of Performance by the Government of Pakistan.

Jalandhari passed away on December 21, 1982 at the age of 82 years.