ISLAMABAD, June 19 (APP): The faithful across the country are gearing up for charitable activities with each passing day of the holy month of Ramzan.

The holy month promotes the culture of charity among the fasting Muslims, impelling them to think of the needy and orphans and give them some assistance in cash or food.

A large number of philanthropists, civil society organizations and individuals, who have resources, come forward to help the needy.

“It is the month of Ramzan when we can earn a lot of blessings of the Almighty through giving charity to the less fortunate people and doing charitable deeds,” Tahir Siddiqui, a lecturer, said.

“We can purify our souls by offering prayers during fasting and can also purify our wealth by sharing it with the deserving,” he said.

Giving charity and alms to the poor, orphans and needy widows have become part of traditions for the Muslims as they keep on rendering such deeds on the events of happiness, sadness as well as on normal occasions.

But the month of Ramzan specifically strengthens this culture further and invoke the spirit of helping others among the people in different ways to acquire the blessings of Allah Almighty.

Philanthropists, representatives of civil society organizations and common people, during the Ramzan, are observed busy in arranging `Iftars’ outside the hospitals and other places on daily basis.

“The good deeds like feeding hungry, financing education of under-privileged people and helping the orphan children pay great reward especially during this month so we must inculcate such values
of sacrifice and charity among children from the very beginning”,
Shahroz Khan, a philanthropist said.

“Charity is deep-rooted in our religious teachings and compulsory charity is (Zakat) is the third pillar of Islam so every muslim should follow this obligation”, he said.

Ramzan is the best time to donate in the way of Allah Almighty
and Islamic teachings encourage one to sow his farm only to reap the
harvest in the Hereafter.