Duo show by women artists continue to attract art lovers

ISLAMABAD, Apr 22 (APP):An exhibition of contemporary paintings by women artists Nahida Raza and Sarah Sheikh is continued to attract art lovers till April 25 carrying a collection of eye catching works in striking strokes at Aqs art gallery.

The show titled Colors of Independence has presented inspiring collection by Nahida Raza who paints in a style that uses bold strokes to show strength. She is inspired by the human form and mysterious landscapes. Besides working for the promotion of art and artist, she explores her techniques in abstract expressionism. Her medium is oil on canvas and she works with plate and knife while her colors are vibrant as she uses thick patches of paint in a poetical way.

Nahida Raza is inspired by the mystery in nature as her paintings show that mood. Some work is in oil and in some she uses the medium of Acrylic. She paints with thick energetic strokes and the themes that she works around are moon and forests and the light that shines through rocks and foliage, her strokes are balanced and groovy creating the viewers eye to go round and round to follow the movement of the brush. She has combined warm colors with neutrals and creates a surface that provokes curiosity and mystery .

Sarah Sheikh creates reflection of cities as seen from a distance, this collection includes works showing sights of the capital city of Islamabad. Sarah’s art is contemporary and modernistic in flavor amalgamated in a world of magical abstract. Her compositions are well balanced with strong and vibrant imagery.

Sarah Sheikh paints city escapes that are very dreamy in their effect, she uses oil on canvas. She takes her inspiration from Architecture, the light that a city shows when it is viewed from a distance is the theme that continues to inspire her, when one gaze at a city from a high point all the viewer can see is mellow light peeping out of the windows and doors, that light is an echo that life exists and activities are taking place and hearts are beating for life that exists in its full splendor in the evenings.

She paints sunsets in her own way. Among her other themes are the light that reflects in the water, creating jets of silver and golden softly blending themselves in the still waters of passion.
The completed painting gives the impression of a city which is situated far away, and its lights brim interestingly like bright green emeralds, red rubies and blue sapphires.