Baloch literature transferred from generations to generations in Oral form: Shah M.Marri
Famous Poet Fatima Hassan along with others speaking during 13th International Urdu Conference at the Arts Council of Pakistan.

KARACHI, Dec 04 (APP): Prominent Baloch writer, intellectual and historian, Dr Shah Muhammad Marri on Friday said that about half of the literature which had been created in Balochi language, was only transferred from generations to generations in Oral form.

He shared these views in a session on “100 years of Balochi Language and Literature” during the 4-day International Urdu Conference organized by the Arts Council of Pakistan here on Friday.

Shah Muhammad Murri said that the literary works of the new writers of Balochi language are now being in written form that will be available for the future generations.

The writer said that poets are highly respected in the Baloch society and they are called “Shah Yaar” instead of the poet, that means the friend of the kings. The poets in the Baloch society are also given a share in the harvest from each family, he added.

Participating in the discussion online from Quetta, famous Baloch poet Afzal Murad said that Baloch literature is distinguished from the literature of other regions in terms of its subjects. Urdu poetry works done on women in Balochistan also has its own quality, he added.