Baloch Culture Day celebrated with renewed spirit

ISLAMABAD, Mar 2 (APP):Baloch Culture Day celebrated on Tuesday with renewed spirit and zeal across the country to pay tribute to Baloch people for their contribution in national development.

A number of programs including folk musical shows, cultural events were arranged in various areas of the country to promote brotherhood and solidify national cohesion.

Main event was organized at Pakistan National Council of the Arts (PNCA) where book stalls, traditional camps (Gidans) and other goods were displayed for highlighting Baloch Culture.

People from different walks of life especially Baloch youth, children and students took part in the celebrations by wearing traditional Baloch clothes.

They performed traditional dance while holding sticks and swords in their hands and chanted slogans in favour of Balochistan and Pakistan.

Chief Minister Balochistan Mir Jam Kamal Khan and other provincial ministers felicitated the entire Baloch people for celebrating Baloch Culture Day through their separate massages.

“Our province is a bouquet of people belonging to different nations, tribes and races,” said Jam Kamal.

Punjab Minister for Culture Khayal Ahmed Kastro said that the purpose of celebrating Baloch Culture Day was to spread love, unity, cultural values and enhance the beauty of social life.

“Punjab always welcomes his brothers from Balochistan and the Punjab government encourages regional artists and provided them projection in all ways”, he added.

Minister for Education, National Heritage and Culture Division Shafqat Mehmood speaking at an event here said “Balochistan is land of various languages, races and cradles centuries’ old civilization. All this is the identity of Balochistan and Pakistan as well”.

The Lahore Arts Council (LAC) also arranged a grand event, showcasing the Baloch culture as well as to promote provincial harmony and national unity.

A Balochi song sung by famous singer of Balochistan Akhtar Chanal was also released by Alhamra Lahore while Ghous Ali Shah, Mohammad Ali Mazari performed Chhap dance, Baloch sword dance, folk songs, Jhoomar etc. The performance of Nur Sur was also part of the show. The Baloch Culture Show featured poets, singers, dancers and literary personalities of Balochistan.