Acting classes under master professionals at PNCA in full swing

A two-week long summer camp at NCA starts

ISLAMABAD, Feb 07 (APP): Acting classes at Pakistan National Counsil of the Arts (PNCA) is continued to attract the aspirants of acting and to provide the students with practical experience about acting.

Renowned professionals and teachers were giving training with a detailed and unique study plan to equip the students with the skills they would need to become a professional actor.
An official from PNCA told APP that the students are receiving specialist training in voice, movement emotive skills to culminate in a live performance as well as the opportunity to perform in a well publicized web-series.

He told the acting classes were in full swing which were attracting a large number of aspirants of acting to show their skills.

He said that course comprised of studying various schools of acting and they discussed the challenges of understanding a character and portraying it in more than one way.

Difference between stage, TV and screen acting had also been underlined with theoretical and practical assignments, he said.

He added that course will cover all aspects of a theater performance.

The participants will also be asked to go out and choose characters which they will then portray before the class.

“In addition, this course is helping the students in gaining confidence in performing in front of a live audience, he said.

He said that anyone and everyone should attend these basic level acting classes even if they are not planning to adopt acting as career.

The Acting Classes will help to gain confidence to speak before a bunch of people, and help to get rid of self consciousness and body stiffness, he stated.

He told that the training was also focusing on many following aspects including, Physical Preparations/Exercises including breathing, and warm-up, Inhibition Breaking – Getting rid of self-consciousness ,Voice Exercises

,Stage Awareness, Understanding the Script,Scene analysis, Dialogue Delivery, Character Analysis and Development and Team Work, and Roles of various team members.

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