9th death anniversary famous comedian today

ISLAMABAD, Apr 11 (APP):The ninth death anniversary of stage comedian Murtaza Hasan, widely known as ‘Mastana’ observed Thursday.

Mastana, who worked for stage and TV dramas for about four decades, was born in Gujranwala.

Before joining theatre, he was an embroiderer, in 70’s he started his career at theatre in Gujranwala, according to a report aired on private news channel.

He did his first play in Lahore at the Open Air Theatre, ‘Bagh-i-Jinnah’, entitled ‘Visa Passport’.

It said Mastana was a student of late TV actor Fakhari Ahmed, His popular stage play were ‘Shartiya Mithay’, ‘Kotha’, (written and directed by Mastana himself), ‘Ashiqo Gham Na Kero’, ‘Bashira in Trouble’ and ‘Shabash Begum’.

Besides stage Mastana also performed in PTV plays including ‘Shab Daig’ and ‘Uncle Kiun’.

He was much appreciated for having an individual style and was recognized as a trend setter in commercial theatre.

Mastana died at the age of 69 on April 11, 2011 after suffering from Hepatitus C at Bahawal Victoria Hospital (BVH).