ISLAMABAD, Dec 17 (APP):The 3rd two-day Pakistan International Mountain Film Festival (PIMFF) 2017 Sunday concluded here at the Pakistan National Council of the Arts (PNCA).
The two-day festival was organized by PNCA in collaboration with Eyebex Films.
Number of documentaries and films with diverse themes were screened at two days festival.
Director General, PNCA, Syed Jamal Shah said that PNCA was working for promoting and preservation of all forms of creative expression and artist community.
He said that Mountain film festival inspired audiences with an exhilarating and challenging collection of films that explore the mountain world, highlight new landscapes and remote cultures.
Chairman PIMFF Wajahat Malik said that Pakistan is blessed with one of the most unique mountain systems in the world. “We have the highest mountains, longest glaciers, fantastic mountains valleys, mountain cultures and communities that almost border on the mythical. But what we didn’t have was an international mountain film festival, a festival where we could showcase the grandeur of these mountains to a wider international audience” he said.
He said that in this context an idea took root and Pakistan International Mountain Film Festival (PIMFF) was the first event of its kind that was conceived by Eyebex Films and was held in Lahore on 13th and 14th June 2015.
The 2nd edition of PIMFF 2016 was held at Pakistan National Council for the Arts PNCA in Islamabad and now the 3rd edition of PIMFF 2017 was held at PNCA in Islamabad on 16th & 17th of December 2017.
The mountain film festivals on this scale promote mountain tourism,
awareness about environmental issues, affinity for foreign cultures and help project a positive image of the country. We want to showcase the true colors of Pakistan and the beauty of its mountain through this platform.
During two days festival, a large number of people from different
walks of life attended the films screening.
They lauded PNCA for organizing the event, saying that the event would promote tourism in the country.
The documentaries screened include Ski for Freedom, Diving into the unknown, Chasing the breath, Alpine Wall, Inside the Indus and the Ice Hunter, Arze Pakistan, The last of the Wakhi Shepherdess, The Fall, Brass, Three Down, A Ramo Rowing, The Story of the Czar Called Peas, The Elements, A whistle Comes from Far Away, Cliff Walkers, Heimschnee, Dancing with Snow, Wisdom of the Mountain, Magnetic Mountains, Playing at Climbing, Oymok, Wonders, Kanchenjunga, Reaching the Crest and Escaping Times.