ISLAMABAD, Jan 15 (APP): A three-day `National Calligraphy
Exhibition’ will be held from January 24 at National Arts Gallery,
Pakistan National Council of the Arts (PNCA) with an objective to
revive the diminishing art of calligraphy.
The calligraphy exhibition would be arranged by National
History and Literary Heritage Division with the support of National
Book Foundation (NBF).
Talking to APP, Federal Secretary NHLH Division, Aamir Hassan
said more than 100 calligraphic art pieces would be showcased in the exhibition by around 50 new talented as well as professional
calligraphers from across the country.
He said the Division is finalizing the arrangement to conduct
this exhibition and has arranged a meeting recently of the officials
of the division and other attached departments in this regard.
The meeting was attended by Managing Director National Book Foundation, Dr.Inam-ul-Haq Javed, renowned Calligrapher, Rasheed
Butt, Director General, Pakistan Academy of Letters, Dr. Rashid
Hameed, young emerging Calligrapher, Wasil Shahid and representatives of the division and other attached departments.
He said this exhibition is being arranged to educate younger generation about the legacy of forefathers, introduce the prominent calligraphic works of the artists and encouraging the young calligraphers to keep alive this unique and ancient visual form of art.
Advisor to Prime Minister on NHLH, Irfan Siddiqui was of
the view that arrangement of such conference at government level
would be a source of encouragement for the calligraphy artists
and a milestone toward promotion of this genre of art.
He said this Division would also arrange an International
Exhibition of Calligraphy soon.
Renowned Calligrapher, Rasheed Butt said calligraphy is an
ancient form of art and has its roots in Sub-continent’s Islamic
traditions. This exhibition would prove as a great effort to
reinvigorate this unique form of art and motivate the young
calligrapher to achieve excellence in their work.
He said art of calligraphy can be learned with utmost
passion and sufficient time and it is good that young generation
has not forgotten this art during the era of information technology.