CPEC termed a geopolitical game-changer for Pakistan


KARACHI, Dec 21 (APP): The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) has been termed as a‘Geopolitical game-changer for Pakistan’.
This was stated by Dr. Jean-Francois Di Maglio, president of Asia Centre France, while speaking at the Area Study Centre for Europe (ASCE), University of Karachi, here on Wednesday.
A statement of ASCE said that the sitting ‘saw a very stimulating session on Chinese regional realignments’.
It said that in Dr. Jean’s view China is ‘reversing the direction of history’ and that the flow of commercial traffic, which has hitherto been from west to east, is now destined to move in the opposite direction.
This would have massive geostrategic implications, he opined and further maintained that the former Soviet republics in Central Asia would like to further deepen their already rigorous ties with China, though they remain on their guard given the leverage Russia enjoys over them.
He drew the audience’s attention towards the symbolism of Chinese geopolitical recalibrations and hypothesized that 2013 was a watershed moment for Beijing’s policy makers. It was 35th year of Chinese economic restructuring that began under Deng Xiaoping.
Moreover, making 2013 as a starting point, the next 35 years would see major shifts in Chinese periphery. Hong Kong would have completed its transitory period in which it was allowed to operate outside of traditional Chinese Communist power structures. It would be the century of one-party rule.
As regards to Chinese infrastructure investment in Pakistan in the embodiment of CPEC, he termed the initiative as a ‘geopolitical game changer for Pakistan’.
He said the project only ‘reinforces the strategic position of Pakistan’.
The establishment of Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) was largely in response to Asian Development Bank to smoothen the flow of capital to finance communication networks.
Earlier, Prof. Dr. Uzma Shujaat, Director, Area Study Centre for Europe, set the tone of the session by briefly illustrating the background of Chinese pivot towards South Asia.