Covid-19 Guidelines

Domestic Air Travel During Covid-19 Outbreak

Guidelines for holding NA or Senate of Pakistan session

Guidance on selection and use of PPE

Guidelines for holding NA or Senate of Pakistan session

Guidelines for working of OPDs for routine patients 1901-2

Guidelines for Dental Services

Guidelines for Air Transport of Covid positive dead body

Guidelines for Wearing a Face Mask

SOP for Ramzan Taraweh and Other Prayers

Home Quarantine during COVID 19 Out-break

Cleaning & Disinfection of Environmental Surfaces in a Healthcare Facility

Guidelines for Burial and Safe management of COVID 19 dead body

Zoning of Hospitals during COVID 19 Outbreak

Social Distancing during COVID 19 Outbreak

Home Isolation during COVID 19 Outbreak

Establishing Quarantine Facility


Management of Stores During COVID-19 Outbreak

Preventive Measurements for Industries and Workers against COVID19

Clinical Management Guidelines for COVID-19 Infections

Guidelines for the health & safety of building & construction workers

Real-Time Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT-PCR) Diagnostic Test

Management Guidelines for the Neonate of Suspected or Confirmed COVID-19 Mother
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