Coronavirus outbreak: China delivers batch of test kits to Iran

BEIJING, Feb 28 (APP)::A Chinese foreign ministry’s spokesperson Friday said China had delivered a batch of test kits to Iran to fight novel coronavirus outbreak and would actively consider if the Iranian side had further needs.

“At present, China has delivered a batch of test kits to Iran. If the Iranian side has further needs, we will actively consider them,” Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Zhao Lijian said during his online briefing held here.

He said after the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the Iranian government had provided sincere and friendly support and assistance to China in fighting the epidemic, adding, “China deeply remembers this and appreciates it.”

The spokesperson remarked that the epidemic had no borders. “Although the current domestic epidemic situation in China is still severe, we are willing to actively provide support and assistance to the Iranian side as much as we can, while striving to fight the epidemic in our country.”

According to media reports, a spokesman for the Iranian Foreign Ministry said the other day, the Chinese government and the Red Cross would provide a batch of anti-epidemic materials such as nucleic acid test kits to Iran.

The Iranian side thanked the Chinese government and people for their assistance.