CM message on Int’l Day for Natural Disaster Reduction

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LAHORE, Oct 12 (APP):Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif on Thursday said the purpose of celebrating International Day for Natural Disaster Reduction was to educate the people about safety and adoption of different precautionary measures.
He said that damages of natural calamities and untoward accidents could be minimized by adopting useful precautionary measures. Therefore, it was all the more important to employee latest technology to remain safe from the natural calamities.
In his message, the Chief Minister said the Punjab Disaster Management Authority had been made commensurate with the latest needs for effectively dealing with natural disasters. This authority had been made fully functional and active and the staff had been given the training to deal with the emergencies. Similarly, it was also important that the youth be sensitized about the natural calamities and the role of media was very important in this regard.
He said holding of awareness campaigns, seminars, and road shows would give sufficient awareness to the people about the safety procedures. There was a need to progressively work to minimize the damages as timely precautionary measures helped to remain safe from some major damages.
The Chief Minister said the Punjab government had earmarked hefty budget to deal with different types of disasters and stressed the need to promote research in educational institutions about disaster management. The human life and property could be saved by utilizing latest facilities in any untoward situation and the message of this day was that the adopted strategy be fully implemented, concluded the Chief Minister.