Chinese artists laud Pakistan’s hospitality during CPEC Cultural Caravan


ISLAMABAD, Dec 28 (APP):China renowned writers and artists have expressed great satisfaction with the hospitality, love and affection given by people of Pakistan to them during China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) Cultural Caravan.
This was stated by Yuan Zhang Chinese writer, IMF scholar, singer, photographer and former diplomat, talking to APP, she said, “We enjoyed the hospitality everywhere in Pakistan and received with smiles which sent a message loud and clear that we all share the same feelings and our friendship has roots, it’s not just on paper”.
She said that “I simply love Pakistan because of its landscape, cultural diversity, people and their looks, dresses, folk dances and above all of its music. Cultural Caravan kept all of us both Chinese and Pakistani artists thoroughly engrossed”.
She said that what she enjoyed the most was her interaction with local people, adding that “we loved by people everywhere we went with the Cultural Caravan”.
She suggested that the first cultural caravan was general but the next one should be theme based like costumes, music, architecture and dance etc.
Yuang Zhang said that before the cultural caravan, she heard about our friendship with Pakistan but after touring across Pakistan, she found physical proof of our friendship that how strong it was and how much we share in terms of sentiments and feelings.
Yuan Zhang said since she conducted a research on Gandhara Civilization in Athens and Beijing, Pakistan was a place I had been longing to visit and explore.
I have lived in Europe, the United States of America and Japan but I always had this longing to live and gradually settle in a country that is culturally rich and diversified.