Chinese artists enthrall audience with “Jeeway Jeeway Pakistan”

Chinese artists enthrall audience with "Jeeway Jeeway Pakistan"

ISLAMABAD, May 24 (APP): The Chinese artists here at cultural show  organized by Pakistan National Council of the Arts (PNCA) in collaboration with Chinese Embassy have enthralled audience with ‘Jeeway Jeeway Pakistan’ and got big applause.

The event was started with the national anthems of both the friendly  countries Pakistan and China.

A number of diplomats, politicians, civil society members, foreigners,  students, media persons and PNCA officials participated in the event.

When the Chinese artists came on stage and started singing ‘Jeeway  Jeeway Pakistan,’ the audience started big clapping to appreciate the beautiful performance.

Later, the Chinese troupe members talking to APP said that they were  specially here for this event to celebrate the Pak-China friendship.

They said that the response of the audience was really great and they  would like to come again and again to enjoy such a beautiful events in Pakistan.

The female singer who sung “Jeeway Jeeway Pakistan,” said that she  even not understood the verses of the song but she aware that it was one of the popular national song of Pakistan.

She said really “I enjoyed to sing this song with my male colleague,”.

The Chinese performers also presented the acrobats and songs based on  fusion of Pakistani and Chinese culture and traditions with a focus on performing arts of both countries.