China reiterates readiness to work together with PM Imran Khan: Spokesperson



BEIJING, Aug 20 (APP):China on Monday reiterated its willingness to work together with newly elected Prime Minister Imran Khan to enhance friendly exchanges in various fields, accelerate the construction of China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and promote greater development of China Pakistan all-weather strategic cooperative partnership.
“We are willing to work together with the new Pakistani government to enhance friendly exchanges and cooperation in various fields, accelerate the construction of China Pakistan Economic Corridor, and promote greater development of China-Pakistan all-weather strategic partnership,” Chinese foreign ministry’s spokesperson Lu Kang said while responding to a question asked by APP during his regular briefing held after a pause of two weeks due to summer holidays.
Referring to Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang’s congratulatory message to Imran Khan on his election as the new prime minister of Pakistan, he said, “We have already expressed our warm congratulations to Imran Khan on being elected as the prime minister of Pakistan.”
Lu Kang also appreciated remarks of Imran Khan about the all-weather friendship between Pakistan and China and the CPEC framework during his victory speech after the general election.
“We value and appreciate the positive statement made by Prime Minister Imran Khan on China-Pakistan relations and the CPEC as you all are clear that China and Pakistan are all-weather strategic cooperative partners,” he added.
It may be mentioned here that the Chinese side has already noted and appreciated Imran Khan’s remarks on the China-Pakistan relationship and his statement he delivered on many occasions previously that Pakistan’s relationship with China serves as the cornerstone for its foreign policies, and no matter which party takes office, it won’t change Pakistan’s friendly policies towards China.”