China reassures not to step back from CPEC: Global Times


KARACHI, Aug 16 (APP): Beijing has reassured that it will not step
back from ambitious Pakistan China Economic Corridor (CPEC) despite
Indian concern.

It is regrettable to see CPEC become another unharmonious factor in
Sino Indian ties, but China is unlikely to give up on the idea of CPEC because of India’s protest, Global Times, ruling Communist Party of China’s mouth piece newspaper reported on Tuesday.

The CPEC is not a zero sum game where Pakistan gains and India loses.
If economic cooperation between China and Pakistan can improve infrastructure in the region, including in the Kashmir area, India will
have an opportunity to expand trade routes to Central Asia.

New Delhi may need to adopt an open attitude toward CPEC so the
project can speed up development in the region and benefit the local population.

Hopefully, India can also improve infrastructure in the regions
bordering Pakistan to promote regional economic integration.

The paper suggested that India can put aside politics and join in
the task of economic development that would be welcome.

Economic cooperation between India, Pakistan and China would create
an open atmosphere for launching talks to solve the Kashmir dispute.
In this regard, New Delhi may need to take the long view for its national interests.