Cabinet committee constituted to review PR pension matters: Rashid


LAHORE, Feb 22 (APP):Railways Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmad has said the cabinet has constituted a committee to review the matter of pension of railways employees.

Addressing a media conference here on Saturday, he said a three-member committee
comprising Abdul Hafeez Sheikh, Asad Umar and Ishrat Ali, had been constituted to review the matter of pension of railways employees as the PR had requested that pension of its employees should be taken over by the federal government.

He said that the PR had also requested the cabinet to raise the salaries of the
PR employees.

The ministers said that maintenance of trains had been outsourced for the improvement of the department.

He said that 389 acre land worth Rs 50 billion had been retrieved so far from land

He said that work on the Karachi Circular Railways would complete within time
on the directions of the supreme court.

He vowed that deficit of the railways would be more reduced by the end of the
current fiscal year.