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UN Resident Coordinator calls on Planing Minister

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ISLAMABAD, Jun 13 (APP): Newly designated United Nations Resident Coordinator in Pakistan Mohamed Yahya on Thursday called on Federal Minister for Planning Development and Special Initiatives Professor Ahsan Iqbal and discussed matters relating to mutual interest.

Emphasizing the strong and enduring relationship between Pakistan and the United Nations, the minister said Pakistan has a robust bond with UN agencies and the United Nations has always stood by us during challenging times, such as climate disasters.

He also appreciated the UN’s significant efforts in assisting Pakistan during the 2022 floods and highlighted that, in response, the Ministry of Planning, in collaboration with policymakers, developed the 4RF framework to enhance the country’s resilience against any catastrophic situations.

Ahsan Iqbal emphasized the significance of the newly established Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Secretariat, which will become operational from 1st of July 2024. “Our focus now needs to be on engaging policymakers to achieve our SDG targets and involving media professionals to spotlight critical issues related to the SDGs,” he stated.

Reflecting on Pakistan’s commitment to the SDGs, he maintained that Pakistan was among the first few countries to have adopted SDGs agenda in National Assembly in 2016 as our national agenda.

To meet our future goals and foster growth, we believe in making SDGs a collective priority on both individual as well as institutional level.

Mohammad Yahya expressed gratitude for the government’s support and further suggested the urgency of the remaining six years to achieve the SDGs.

“We must work closely on data collection, adopting new technologies, providing training, and focusing on rehabilitation and reopening of schools,” he added.

He commended the government’s “5Es” initiative, noting its alignment with key areas of growth.

As a gesture of appreciation, Mohammad Yahya presented a souvenir to Minister Ahsan Iqbal, marking the beginning of a renewed and strengthened collaboration between Pakistan and the United Nations.

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