Russian ambassador, Gohar Ejaz pledge to strengthen bilateral trade ties

Russian ambassador, Gohar Ejaz
ISLAMABAD, Oct 12 (APP): Russian Ambassador to Pakistan, Danila V. Ganich, called on the Minister of Commerce, Dr. Gohar Ejaz here on Thursday and discussed  bilateral trade relations between the two nations.
During the meeting, the sides reaffirmed their commitment to fostering stronger cooperation with the aim of increasing the volume of bilateral trade, said a press release issued here.
This commitment reflects the shared interest in fortifying the enduring friendship and economic partnership between Pakistan and Russia.
As of the fiscal year 2022-23, the total trade between Pakistan and Russia amounted to US$ 920 million.
Pakistan’s exports to Russia during this period totaled US$ 74 million, while imports from Russia reached US$ 846 million.
Pakistan’s exports to Russia encompass a diverse range of products, including citrus fruit, leather apparel, ready-made garments, potatoes, home textiles, woven cotton fabrics, surgical and medical apparatus, woven fabric of synthetic staple fiber, and salt, among others.
Whereas, key imports from Russia to Pakistan consist of wheat and meslin, dried leguminous vegetables, bituminous coal, and similar solid fuels manufactured from coal.
The minister welcomed the positive developments in bilateral trade and reaffirmed Pakistan’s commitment to facilitate an environment conducive to robust economic cooperation.
The meeting marks another step towards realizing the full potential of trade ties between the two countries.
Dr. Gohar Ejaz, expressed optimism for the future, stating, “Our discussions today have set the stage for a brighter economic partnership with Russia.
We look forward to expanding trade, opening up new avenues for cooperation, and further strengthening the longstanding bonds of friendship between our two countries.”
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