PSX witnesses bullish trend, gains 114 points

ISLAMABAD, Sep 30 (APP): The 100-index of the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) turned around Friday to bullish trend, gaining 114.81 points, a positive change of 0.28 percent, closing at 41,128.67 against 41,013.86 points on the last working day.

A total of 205,699,969 shares were traded during the day compared to 127,449,289 shares the previous day, whereas the price of shares stood at Rs.9.499 billion against Rs. 5.518 billion on the last trading day.

As many as 324 companies transacted their shares in the stock market,145 of them recorded gain and 154 sustained losses, whereas the share price of 25 companies remained unchanged.

The three top trading companies were TRG Pak Ltd with 30,193,074 shares at Rs128.86 per share, TPL Properties with 18,654,163 at Rs20.84 and K-Electric Ltd with 15,653,000 at Rs2.98 per share.

Bata (Pak) witnessed a maximum increase of Rs 106 per share price, closing at Rs 2395 whereas the runner up was Sanofi-Aventis with Rs 49 rise in per share price to Rs.1198.

Premium Tex witnessed maximum decrease of Rs 44.99 per share closing at Rs 700.01 followed by Bhanero Tex with Rs 35.01 decline to close at Rs 1125.