Pakistan participation in Expo 2020 to renew closer connection, effective interaction with UAE: Afzaal Mahmood

Pakistan participation in Expo 2020 to renew closer connection, effective interaction with UAE: Afzaal Mahmood

ISLAMABAD, Oct 4 (APP):Pakistan participation in Expo 2020 Dubai would renew closer connection and effective interaction with the United Arab Emirates (UAE) through high-level visits, display of Pakistani products and closer collaboration between business communities on both sides, a top Pakistani official said.

“Our participation would renew closer connection and effective interaction between our two countries,” Section Commissioner General, Ambassador Afzaal Mahmood, according to Emirates News Agency.

Pakistan Pavilion would facilitate the intensification of bilateral trade and commerce ties, he added.

About UAE’s role in enhancing international cooperation, especially with hosting Expo 2020 Dubai, Mahmood said, the UAE has transformed itself from a communication and connectivity hub into a trade and investment facilitator over the years.

The country has acquired the capacity to connect different countries and regions for commercial activities. The UAE-based airlines reach every corner of the world to transport passengers and goods.

“UAE’s warmth, openness, tolerance and hospitality also attract people around the globe to meet and do business through this country,” he said, adding, “It is a win-win situation for all nations to develop together.”

The Ambassador said that the UAE has taken lead in controlling the Covid-19 pandemic and conveying a clear message to the world that “living with Covid-19 is possible”, provided necessary precautions and preventions observed.

“Opening tourism and commercial activity at a large scale are likely to be seen by the international community as a pilot project for doing business during Covid-19,” he noted.

About the UAE’s efforts in hosting Expo 2020 Dubai, Ambassador Afzaal Mahmood said, “I think a lot of wisdom, planning and investment have gone into preparations for this event. More importantly, it was the determination of the leadership and people of UAE to make Expo a reality during Covid-19.”

He said that introduction of Pakistan’s over 9,000-year-long history, diverse culture, richness in natural and human resources, unique tourism and potential for trade and investment are the main pillars of the Pakistan Pavilion at the Expo 2020 Dubai.

“Through Pakistan Pavilion, we wish to invite the international community to learn about our nation, visit Pakistan for tourism and do business with our country,” he said.

Divulging the main attractions of Pakistan’s pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai, he said that display of Pakistan’s history, diversity (of landscape, weather, ethnicity, and culture), openness and tolerance of Pakistani society, trade and investment potential, Pakistani cuisine and Pakistani souvenirs are main attractions at Pakistan Pavilion.

Meanwhile, the media liaison officer of Pakistan Pavilion Shazia Siraj told WAM that around 8,000 visitors from all nationalities visited the pavilion on the first day, “which was overwhelming”.

She also said that the six months of the Dubai Expo are dedicated to four provinces and two regions of Pakistan. The first month is assigned to Balochistan, the largest province of Pakistan in terms of land area.

The Pakistan Pavilion under the theme ‘Pakistan: The Hidden Treasure’, is located in the ‘Opportunity District’ over a total covered area of 35,000 Sqft. The facade of the pavilion is designed by Rashid Rana, an internationally renowned artist, whose work is displayed in the important public collections at the British Museum.

The pavilion will be divided into eight key spaces where visitors will experience the country’s best-kept hidden treasures. It will also feature a custom-made Pakistani cuisine restaurant called “The Dhaaba” (food court) that will feature the country’s authentic, centuries-old cuisine for global audiences. It will also offer indigenous dishes from each region.

A souvenir shop with art and craft works unique to Pakistan will also be part of the pavilion to allow visitors to take home a bit of Pakistani culture from its array of cultural memorabilia available.

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