Executive Director,International Cotton Advisory Committee (ICAS) Jose Sette

ISLAMABAD, Nov 2 (APP):Executive Director,International Cotton
Advisory Committee (ICAS) Jose Sette has said that Pakistan has huge
potential in cotton production and textile manufacturing to
penetrate in the international market.
The Executive Director ICAC,who is currently participating in
75th Plenary Meeting of International Cotton Advisory Committee
(ICAS) hosted by Ministry of textile Industry in collaboration with
ICAS here at local hotel,said that one of the greatest challenges
for cotton sector in Pakistan was energy shortage,which needed to
be addressed for industrial growth in textile sector,he told APP.
He said that efforts by the government to overcome the power
shortage would play big role for revival of textile industry and
enhance its manufacturing.
Executive Director,ICAS said Pakistan was a major competitor
in the world cotton market and the long history and importance of
cotton in Pakistan make it a natural choice to host the ICAC’s
Plenary meeting.
He said that ICAC has the honour of holding its plenary
meeting in Islamabad.
Replying to question,he said that Pakistan has huge
opportunity in textile manufacturing for reaching new market in
textile and enhance its export.
Jose Sette said that Pakistan’s annual production averaged two
million tons,making the forth largest producer in the world.
Replying to another question,he said that its meetings were a
forum for the discussion of international issues of the importance
to the world cotton industry and provide opportunities for industry.
He said that his delegation was enjoying hospitality and warm
welcome in Pakistan.