Pakistan earns US $57m from travel services’ export in July

Pakistan earns US $57m from travel services' export in July

ISLAMABAD, Sep 22 (APP): Pakistan earned US $57.030 million by providing different travel services in various countries during the first month of the current fiscal year 2023-24.

This shows growth of 26.51 percent as compared to the US $45.080 million worth same services provided during the corresponding month of the last fiscal year 2022-23, the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) reported.

During the month under review, personal travel services increased by 25.61 per cent, from US $44.900 million last year to US $56.400 million during July 2023.

Among these personal services, the exports of health-related expenditure rose by 766.67 per cent while the education-related expenditure increased by 61.22 per cent.

In addition, the other personal services witnessed a growth of 23.21 per cent.

Meanwhile, the exports of business services grew by 250 per cent, from US$ 0.180 million to US$ 0.630 million, the PBS data revealed.

It is pertinent to mention here that the exports of services from the country, witnessed an increase of 2.17 per cent during the first month of the current financial year (2023-24) as compared to the corresponding month of last year, it added.

The exports of services during July 2023 were recorded at US$ 538.00 million against the exports of US$ 526.58 million in July 2022, showing a growth of 2.17 per cent.

The imports of the country also surged by 45.22 per cent, growing from US$ 558.43 million last year to US$ 810.93 million during the month under review.

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